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  1. Corina Blum says

    This soup also sounds like a brilliant recipe to help fight off all the coughs and colds that are just starting to appear at this time of year. I do love the flavours in it! Thank you so much for sharing with #CookOnceEatTwice!

    • Michelle says

      Thanks so much, Corina! I'm under the weather right now, so you're right: I should make this today!

      • Corina Blum says

        Michelle, I made this soup and it was so good! It made enough for lunch for a few days and it was delicious!

      • Michelle says

        Corina, thank you so much! I'm over the moon hearing that you loved it! 🙂

  2. Angela @ Allergy Free Angela says

    I love the choices of the ingredients you use in this soup recipe. When the weather cools down and I'm able to eat soup again, I need to try this. An exploding squash doesn't sound fun! Thanks for the tips on what to listen for, when cooking in the microwave.

    • Michelle says

      Thank you, Angela! That tip is courtesy of hard experience, and I can certify: exploding squash is definitely NOT fun!

  3. Beth says

    Oh my! I LOVE the spice choice you've made for this soup! MFEO FOR SURE! I've made butternut squash soup with coconut milk but haven't added the ginger and turmeric! Brilliant, I say! Simply Brilliant!!

    • Michelle says

      Thank you so much, Beth!!! 🙂

  4. Patty says

    Mmmm! I'm definitely not a soup girl but I can't resist a pumpkin soup, the addition of turmeric is a wonderful idea!

    • Michelle says

      Thanks, Patty! It's a really great soup for fall. 😉

  5. Monika Dabrowski says

    This soup looks marvelous, the colour is just gorgeous! Thank you for bringing this recipe to #CookBlogShare! Followed you everywhere and shared the recipe:)

    • Michelle says

      Thank you so much, Monika! I followed you on FB (the only network [I think!] where I wasn't already following you!). 😉

  6. Sues says

    I LOVE ginger and have somewhat recently become obsessed with turmeric... Soooo this soup sounds like the best ever!!

    • Michelle says

      Thank you, Sues! Sounds like me: I've always been a ginger fan, but more recently have been all about turmeric! And the two together? BOOM.

  7. Angela says

    The colour of this soup is amazing! I love turmeric, it has so many health benefits.

    • Michelle says

      Thanks, Angela! Me too: the color and flavor are wonderful, but the health bennies make it AWESOME.

  8. Ayngelina Brogan says

    I've been in a soup mood lately, i love the addition of tumeric to the squash.

    • Michelle says

      Thanks, Ayngelina! I've been on a soup kick too, lately—especially since Wisconsin has been a little cooler than average this summer.

  9. Jagruti says

    Ginger and turmeric I use every day in my cooking, I can have this soup any day, delicious!

    • Michelle says

      Thank you, Jagruti!

  10. Lauren says

    Congrats on your floor!
    The color of that soup is to die for! You're a good friend to have.

    • Michelle says

      Thank you, Lauren!!! 😉

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